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    • Abstract: Hebrew:The LivingLettersAn in-depthteaching serieson the HebrewAlef-Bet This teaching will cover:History of Hebrew languageImportance of Hebrew studyHow Hebrew s being restoredThe first Hebrew letterMeaning of the word “echad”

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The Living
An in-depth
teaching series
on the Hebrew
This teaching will cover:
History of Hebrew language
Importance of Hebrew study
How Hebrew s being restored
The first Hebrew letter
Meaning of the word “echad”
How YHWH blesses us through Hebrew
How the “aleph” declares YHWH’s name
We can call upon the
name of YHWH as
He has commanded.
When we use the
original name of our
Savior we can learn of
Him from a proper
We can easily recognize
the value of the Hebrew
name of YHWH Y’shua.
Well, how much
more valuable
are the
words of the
Much meaning is
lost in translation!
Translations in the KJV:
7 Hebrew words as “black”
8 words as “axe”
12 words as “beauty”
14 words for “dark”
22 words for “branch”
66 words for “break”
“Death and life are in the
power of the HEBREW
tongue, And those who
love it will eat its fruit,’”
Proverbs 18:21 / Mishlei 18:21
The aleph is
symbolic of the
books of Genesis
and Matthew.
In the beginning
was the alpeh.
John 1:1
Key Hebrew word:
“to unite, to join together, to be one”
Deuteronomy 6:4
John 17:21
Y’shua gave His life to
restore creation to Himself
– to be echad.
YHWH desires his people
to be echad.
The aleph shows us the power of “echad.”
The aleph has
no sound.
It is silent.
The aleph becomes one with
its surrounding letters or
vowel points.
Principles from the Alpeh:
Our mind must be
renewed and our
souls changed
through the
Living Aleph
The design of the aleph gives us
the plan of salvation:
Father YHWH loves us
Sinful man
is separated
from YHWH
was the
Father YHWH loves us
Sinful man
is separated
from YHWH
was the
Some Aleph words inlcude:
Echad Av Aliyah
Ahava Adam Abram
Elohim Ayn Sof Elul
Amein El Aharon
Asher Eloah Ester
Abba Adon Etrog
Ima Adonai Adar
In the aleph bet:
Aleph is the first letter.
Bet is the second letter.
The aleph speaks to us
about the oneness of
YHWH. It gives us a
picture of Y’shua as the
Savior and YHWH as
the Creator. It is the
number “one” and
becomes one with it’s
surrounding letters or
vowel points.
The bet has the ‘B’
sound when a dot
is in the middle of
the letter. When
there is no dot, it is
called a ‘vet’ and
has a ‘V’ sound.
The alef is the number 1.
YHWH is one. But, YHWH
did not want to be alone.
He wanted to produce
Himself. YHWH the alef
created the Bet.
As a prefix, the letter bet may
function as a preposition
meaning "in", "at", or "with".
For example, the Hebrew word
“ba-midbar” means “in the
We are told that
YHWH created the
world in order to
produce a welling
in the world below.
Beresheeth bara Elohim Aleph-Taf
ha shamayim v-et ha-aretz.
In the beginning Elohim created the
heavens and the earth.
The Hebrew word for “created”
is “bara.”
In Hebrew this is bet - resh - aleph
These words confirm the passage
from John / Yochannan 1:1
Bet – resh spells
“bar” which is
Hebrew for “son”
In the beginning
was the son / bar
of Aleph!
The bet is a picture
of a house. Every
creature blesses
YHWH with the bet
saying, “Blessed is
YHWH forever and
ever,” Psalm 89:53.
We create a
dwelling place for
YHWH through our
praise. “Let them
construct me a
sanctuary, that I
may dwell among
them,” Exodus 25:8
The word bayit means
We are His house -
His dwelling place.
We are now the bayit,
the bet of YHWH.
YHWH can’t praise Himself!
This is why YHWH created the
Bet and why YHWH created
the universe! Through
b’racha / blessings we can
build a bayit / house to YHWH
and His ben / son.
Principles from the Bet:
There are 2 key points to learn
from the Bet:
1) YHWH wants to bless us
2) We return His blessings
with blessings
Principles from the Bet:
There are things that block
YHWH’s blessings.
We must remove the
hindrances of uncleanliness,
the world, curses, negativity,
unbelief, and demons.
Principles from the Bet:
We create a bayit / house for
YHWH when we bless Him and
bless others! We are to be a
pipeline of blessings from
YHWH to other people!
Principles from the Bet:
Blessing YHWH and blessing
others is how we show the
ahava of our Father. Together
the first two letters spell a
special Hebrew word:
Av – Father.
The two letters together show
us that Father YHWH is
revealed through His alpeh bet
– living letters of Hebrew.
May we commit today to be
like the aleph and the bet.
To be one with YHWH
and each other.
To be a vessel of
blessings from YHWH to
other people
“Does anyone know the recipe
to rabbit stew” said a man.
A voice raised
above the
crowd and
“First, catch
the rabbit!”
Pascal said, “The last thing
one knows is what to do first.”
What do you consider
to be of most
in this life?
Priorities are important!
In Matthew 28:20, Y’shua
instructed us to go into all the
world “teaching them to obey
everything that I've
There are only three
things that really matter.
Our live should center
upon these three eternal
These 3 priorities point
us to the third letter in
the alephbet.
The gimel has the
‘G’ sound and is a
literal picture of the
long neck of a
camel. “Gamul” is
Hebrew for “camel.”
“Gamul” is Hebrew for
In ancient Paleo Hebrew the
Gimel was drawn like a
foot. It has progressed to
the current modern style.
The Gimel has the
meaning “to walk,
carry, or gather”
says the Ancient
Hebrew Lexicon of
the Bible. It is also
the number 3.
3 is the
number of
power, and
We are told the world
stands upon 3 pillars.
Rabbi Shimon the Just
“Upon 3 things the
world stands: the Torah,
the worship of YHWH,
and showing kindness.”
Worship Kindness
The three legs, the three
gimels of the universe
explain how we can live
a meaningful life.
“Upon 3 things the
world stands: the Torah,
the worship of YHWH,
and showing kindness.”
This statement agrees
with Psalm 119:17-24.
ge.mol al-av.de.kha ekh.ye ve.esh.me.ra de.va.re.kha:
gal-ei.nai ve.a.bi.ta nif.la.ot mi.to.ra.te.kha:
ger a.no.khi va.a.rets al-tas.ter mi.me.ni mits.vo.tei.kha:
gar.sa naf.shi le.ta.a.va el-mish.pa.tei.kha ve.khol-et:
ga.ar.ta ze.dim a.ru.rim ha.sho.gim mi.mits.vo.tei.kha:
gal me.a.lai kher.pa va.vuz ki e.do.tei.kha na.tsar.ti:
gam yash.vu sa.rim bi nid.ba.ru av.de.kha ya.si.akh
gam-e.do.tei.kha sha.a.shu.ai an.shei a.tsa.ti:
“Deal bountifully with Thy servant that I may live,
and I will observe Thy word. Open Thou mine eyes,
that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law. I
am a sojourner in the earth; hide not Thy
commandments from me. My soul breaketh for the
longing that it hath unto Thine ordinances at all
times. Thou hast rebuked the proud that are
cursed, that do err from Thy commandments. Take
away from me reproach and contempt; for I have
kept Thy testimonies. Even though princes sit and
talk against me, thy servant doth meditate in Thy
statutes. Yea, Thy testimonies are my delight, they
are my counsellors,” Psalm 119L17-24
The First Pillar is the Torah
How is your relationship
with the Torah?
Psalm 119: 18 & 24 speak
directly of the Torah.
The first gimel is
the Torah of
YHWH. This is
the basis for
everything else
in our lives!
The First Pillar is the Torah
The Torah is YHWH’s
blueprint for living.
It provides depth,
clarity, and purpose
to our lives.
The First Pillar is the Torah
Loving the Torah is
loving YHWH with
all your mind!
Torah study is
symbolized by
Jacob who dwelt
in a tent and
learned of Torah.
It is through
our knowledge
of and
obediance to
the Torah that
we can relate
to YHWh and
other people.
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